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Body tuning atelier Proteros Design was created by designer Grigory Tobolin in 2001.

Word “Proteros”, which is the basis of the name, comes from the ancient Greek language and means - "first-primary".
Image of the Emblem is a modified Pterodactyl and a stepped pyramid.
We always study current trends in the automotive industry and the ancient sources of knowledge of great civilizations, because eternal beauty is wisdom.

Our studio offers its customers the embodiment of world design traditions.
Atelier Proteros specializes in car design, bodywork and car tuning.

The mission of Proteros Design is to create the ideal: from elementary spoilers to extremely complex conceptual futuristic projects for any car brands and models.
Sincerely, Grigory Tobolin


Exclusive tuning

Making of author's design aerodynamic body parts. All ideas and wishes can be created in 2D and 3D visualization and be build in real size with adaptation to native car’s body.

Coach building

Full body reincarnation or building new one on native car’s chassis.


Ready to use parts and tuning kits from our atelier. You can order a service, which includes installation, adaptation and painting.

Car design

Flight of fantasy from the chief designer Proteros. Creation of art paintings and sketches without reference to technical task. Any of the drawn cars can be built on the original units.


Design development for your project under your brand.

Our offer is the construction of fantastic super- and hypercars for the film industry and private collections.
Thanks to subtle mental arts, our projects become artifacts endowed with your personal magical properties.
​​​​​​​We are mobile and ready to partnership anywhere in the world.

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